I've been given a box of 50 sheets of 4x5 Ilford HP4. I know nothing of this film in general; nor do I know anything of the age of this particular box of film or how it has been stored. I'm guessing at the very least it will have noticeable fog, and may be totally unuseable. Still, I'm interested in trying it, if for no other reason than getting some practice with my new camera. (without paying $1+ per sheet for every mistake I make... )

So... where do I begin? I've done searhes here and around the web, and can't seem to find anything more than a passing reference to this film. My standard developer is HC-110, and I suppose I could guesstimate some starting times by inspection, but I'd really like to know what I'm comparing to. Does anyone know standard processing times for this film? What were its strengths? How does it compare to the more recent Ilford films?