Hi folks,

Last week I found a Meopta Opemus 5a with a Meochrom 2 head on the curb in my neighborhood and brought it home. Other than being dirty it appears to be fully functional. However, it has a recessed lensboard with the old 23.5mm thread, and I'm trying to figure out the easiest way to use my other 39mm enlarging lenses on it. From what I have read here on other threads, the recessed lensboard is suppose to go cup-up for a 50mm lens and cup-down for an 80mm lens. My options seen to be:
1) Find a Meopta board with the 39mm thread (but it doesn't seem to be that easy here in the States)
2) Take a gamble on the Durst Siriopla flat board and hope there's enough bellows travel
3) Have a custom board machined locally.

Anybody have any info or suggestions?

Also, was there more than one mixing chamber available for this head? I don't see any markings on this one, so I'm assuming that it's okay for MF?

thanks in advance,