Hello Chris,

1. Church - I find, time and again, how naked tree branches can add a lot to almost any composition. One would think it would clutter the frame, but it doesn't. For me, it makes me think about the subject matter, and let's just face it - those branches are beautiful by any stretch of the imagination.
2. Building - I can't find anything to focus on. Sorry. I find it cluttered and much too busy. It's not clear what you're trying to show. Show me your intent.
3. Landscape - it's a nicely weighted scene with nice geometrical proportions. Once again there are beautiful tree branches, as well as a nicely rendered spruce. The tone in the sky is inviting; there's enough luminance and radiance to it to be interesting. The distant horizon seals the envelope for me, as it helps my eye to travel through and wander in between the components in your composition. Nice job!

- Thomas