Hey, Chris. I'm pretty much in line here. Number two simply does not resonate with me. There is no emphasis on a clear cut subject, nothing to mentally focus on. The focus seems fine, your camera orientation and framing with the pole is good. You have top down knowledge of the subject as your are familiar with its dimensions, its purpose and what is not in the photograph. We have bottom up knowledge which is starting with the two dimensional photograph before us of a wall with a sign and some windows and the imagination doesn't go much further than our memories of hundreds of other buildings we pass in our normal daily lives without giving a second notice unless we owe them money or something.

I would like to know why you chose to show it with the other two. What was the reason that prompted you to include it.

That being said, the church and the landscape are very pleasing to look at and have been composed well. I would love to see what YOU would do with these negs.