The second one looks to me like a lot of my "less successful" images. There *is* a point of focus---the sign in the middle---but the rest of the image doesn't really draw the eye to it, and when the eye does get there, it isn't that visually compelling. I imagine the visual clutter looked quite interesting in person, right? That seems to be what consistently gets me to take similar images.

I really like the church, for all the reasons described, and I like the composition of the landscape. The sky looks kind of blown out and it might benefit from a bit of burning, and the trees look pretty dark---the range of the scene might just have been too much for the film. If the detail is there at all in the sky, though, I think it has the potential to be a nice moody dark landscape with the negative you've got.

I wish anything on my first roll had been this good! (My sister found the prints recently; she said there was a portrait of a football and a landscape showing some dirt. I was about seven years old and my dad gave me a 110 camera...)