Fireguy2002, I don't think any photograph should be given the "harsh/honest" feedback, certainly not here on APUG. Many critics in the Arts consider themselves aloof, distant and untouchable while overlooking their own failings in the same field (you've probably seen this on things like — as a stab in the air mention — Britain's Got Talent where one or more "judges" with particularly poor personal resumés do their darndest to assert their meanness. Critique should ideally set out to be constructive and to initiate debate on improving skills, but never be confrontational, beliguerent or challenging.

When I saw your photos one immediately hit a resonance with me, while the others did not, but they all have a promising quality that will be more evident with considered subject choice, atmosphere and composition. The church is worth your while printing and framing as a memento of your early efforts. Then look back in same 10-20 years time. I think you do hold considerable promise in the landscape, whether in black or white or colour.