Have you considered the 210 6.8 schneider angulon (not the super angulon) as a possibility? These were made over a long time period with the more modern ones being coated. They are much smaller than the super angulon. I don't know how it would hold up for huge enlargements but the coverage would be adequate. The schneider website lists this lens as having 85 degree coverage and a 382mm image circle, probably a conservative interpretation of the image circle of this lens, but within that image circle, a later version of the lens might hold up to big enlargements. I have seen 210 angulons that appeared to be in shape going for 500.00 to 750.00. I haven't used the 210 angulon but I have the 90 and 120 angulon for the 4x5 format and 4x enlargements have been no problem.