The first photo is very nice, as was said, watch out for "things not pertinent to the idea" from intruding into the frame. Not mentioned was the car tops at the bottom of the photo. With the street lamp coming in from the left and the car and truck tops and sign at the bottom it looks like you might be able to go back and take the same photo but a little higher and move to the right. If you get a little more height you can photograph right over the car and truck tops and avoid that sign near the car top and still get the bottom of the building. Just moving a little to the right and the lamp won't be in the shot either. Not knowing what the taking conditions are it's hard to tell you where to stand. Sometimes moving in isn't possible so it's up to the photographer to find the point of view that satisfies what you want to show in the final print. When composing take some time to look around in the viewfinder and identify the unwanted things like signs, street lamps etc.. All that said, you might have wanted to have them in there to show the church is in an urban setting rather than alone in the outskirts. I can only assume without knowing. If you eliminate the urban artifacts you can present the feeling that the church is alone in its surrounding. I really like the photograph and think it's worth going back again for more shots. Your onto a something here, explore it.