A few cards arrived last week; that got me motivated to get printing last night. They are now all mailed after being addresed over the lunch hour.

I liked the image, so after the mass production, I went off and printed it to a 11x14 size on one of my last sheets of Ektalure. Then I was reminded why I don't use that stuff so often late in the evening. After the fix 2, wash, hca, wash, drying blotter roll find and load, I rolled into bed at 1:30, and the alarm went off at 6:30.

I hope this is why my brain did not click that there was no round 18 label template on the computer, when I was making up my r19 label template at 7:30 before regular office work began. Now it all makes sense - this should have been labelled as R18 after all. My brain failure not yours. Disregard the part of my label that says round 19....I am a bit ahead of the times this round.