Thanks for the link. I will try sourcing some of the chems as soon as my schedule opens a big enough hole.

I am no stranger to "trial" and at times, "error" seems to be my middle name. On top of that, I take good notes, so I am certain I will be able to find something that works with this film.

As for "trying out my new camera", (Calumet CC400) I've been using FP4+ and HP5+ with good success for just over three months. As yet, I don't have access to a 4x5 enlarger, but I've gotten some really nice contact prints from my negs so far.

Thanks again.

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Tom, HP4, HP5, HP5+ and Pan 400 have similar development times.

I would suggest to waste a few sheets to get your personal EI and development times. Also for a film which is this old probably trial and error is the only way to go.

A developer for expired film:

On the other hand if you want to try your new camera, doing so with fresh film might be a better idea. Freestyle sells Arista.EDU Ultra 4x5" also in boxes of 25 sheets at a reasonable price. Many people like that film (re-branded Fomapan 100) and it is much easier to achieve better results in a shorter time this way.