I don't care about photos from the same vantage point, "little snots," etc. My theory is that all of the photos have already been taken - we're all just repeating them.

But, I will relate a story of "Steve's revenge." I was in Teton National Park taking a photo & waiting for the light to get "just right." I setup two cameras and got back into my truck because the mosquitos we're trying to take me home for dinner.

Up walks a "professional photographer" and sets up his cameras in the middle of my shot. Okay, I wasn't outside my truck standing at the cameras - but, unless you were the "compleate moron" - you'd realize you were STANDING IN MY FIELD OF VIEW.

So, I blew off the sunrise shot & decided I'd be back at sunset the next morning. I also knew he'd be back at sunset. There was a little point of land that extended out into the river, and I knew that if I stood on that point of land I'd get the shot I wanted and, most importantly - I'd be in his field of view. The rest is history as I got there about 15 minutes before he did.

Two days later.....I'm at the horseshoe bends in the Snake River by Jackson, WY. I've spent a year waiting for this moment and have calculated that you can get the full moon over the mountains at sunrise. I get to the spot at 4:00 am. No one else is there.

I hop over the wall and setup three cameras. My wife is in the camper making hot cereal for me & some coffee (just got to love that girl). So, I'm standing by my camera and at about 5:10 am "the herd" starts to show up to take a photo of the Teton's at sunrise. Ooops...Steve has the prime spot. Guess who walks boldy up to the edge of the wall looks down and groans? That's right - my little buddy from two days earlier.