Good afternoon everyone,
Here is my problem:
I got recently a used Sekonic L308 (fo free, at least) after my old Weston master passed away. I thought to rely for once on a digital system rather than an analogic (never again!!).
I went out shooting few 120mm films, giving maximum attention to expose correctly for shadows, checking the contrast range, etc etc etc (a very rudimental zone system application :rolleyes..I developed, as always, my films (Fomapan 100 in rodinal 1+25)...and the result was almost a disaster with the films underexposed, I'd say at least 2 stops.
Would it be possible that the meter is in need of a testing procedures for its accuracy?? Unfortunately I do not have any othe meter to compare the readings and at the moment I cannot send it anywhere for testing.
Is there any way/procedures to check its accuracy??
I am pretty lost...and bothered.
Thanks a lot