you could follow the instructions given by Jordan and Allessandro - omit the second development and use a bleach instead (Thiorea). Density is controlled by the first development (duration) and exposure, tone is influenced through temperature of the toning and the relation of both Thiorea and Sodiumhydroxide - it varies from deep chocolate brown to light yellow.

And you may develop it in a simple bw reversal process - recipes are on the net as are some kits readily available from Foma, Kodak and few others.

Testing is involved with both, the first will bring you some nice results with a strange toning to it, the second will give you quite neutral (slightly warm tone) bw. slides - the price you pay is quite coarse grain. The silver used in E6 film is of large grain, it´s size and shape doesn´t matter in the normal process as it is bleached and fixed and thus removed in total.

If you are interested I could dig out my protocols from this summer.

Jordan, could you go in detail what happened to your films, how they got destroyed? These films are made for rough circumstances - high speed transport, high temperatures, quick and strong changes of pH, long processing time. So they are pre-hardened by the manufacturer and _very_ tough.

The Foma kit will give you decent results!