About 10 years ago I was photographing the sunrise from the car park at the entrance to Monument Valley, you know the one with the two rocks in the foreground that Ansel has on the cover of his colour book and everyone who goes there takes it. I know I'm a sad man for doing so but I'm totally besotted with John Wayne westerns and just had to make the exposure having travelled many thousands of miles to get there. On the morning in question I got out of my sleeping bag at about 3am to get there and set up the tripod to get the angle that I wanted, not exactly the sames as Ansel's but near enough for it to be my homage to the man. Just as the light was getting interesting the "little snot" appeared and set up immediately in front of me and by the time I had persueded him to move the best of the light had gone.

I stood around for a while after the sunrise just looking at what is for me a very magical place when the "snot" walked up to me, handed me a 35mm Canon and instructed me to take his photograph as he stood astride the two rocks, insisting that I place his head above the Mitens in the background. I did but I cut his head off at the top of the frame and smiled sweetly as I handed back the camera. After a bad start to the day because of him I was quite bouyant for the rest of the trip whenever I thought of his fury when he had his 35mm film processed, and would you believe that I've never felt any guilt for doing it.