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Or take it one step further... all members shoot the filmless camera, throw a new roll of film into the box with express thoughts of what they would shoot if there were film, I get the box back with all the un-shot film, I shoot the film (but only 11 out of 12 exposures per roll, develop the film and see if that 12th image is what the sender implied and does it relate to what what I shot? A true test of the transmogrification of virtual latent image to the physical world.

Oh man, I'm in!
That's a good idea Lisa... but I have an even better one...

How about we put two cameras in a box.. send them off to the UK.. lose them.. find them again.. Then send them off around Europe.
Finally sending them on to Canada.. only to lose them in transit somewhere over the Rockies ..

Oh no hang on.. that's already been done! :rolleyes::o