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A new acquasition I made in the form of a polaroid conversion to 4x5 format camera. So far it is DOA. The shutter will cock, but not fire, and the F stop dial is frozen place on 1/30th of a second. Don't dare send it back, and have the problem of never seeing it again. I just have to sink more money into it to have it work.
Just a suggestion - if at all possible, remove the lens/shutter from the camera, preferably using the correct slot ring key. It may well be that the shutter will then work and the f-stop/speed controls can be turned. If so,the problem is that the shutter has been fitted without a necessary shim behind it.This is easy to fix, the question then is whether the lens is still correctly collimated (at the right distance from the film) with the shim fitted. If it is, great. If the guy doing the conversion has factored in an adjustment for this, also great. If not, this is where problems start!