Without a power supply, what is missing?

Well, the bulb is 24v and the 'standard' power supply ( 412-021) is just a box with a 24v transformer. I can get a 10A 24v transformer from mouser for about $12, but then I'd need a box and a 6-pin female connector and some AC sockets. Alternatively, I could seek a busted power supply for free or $10 and just use the box and the sockets.

Perhaps the cheapest way is to try and change the bulb to a 120V bulb.

The specs on the original bulb are:



MR16 Halogen

It happens that the EXX
is 250W and has a GX5.3 base. It runs from 120V

So, it seems that bulb can just plug right in.

All I need to do is wire a cord straight to the bulb.
Then, remove the cord with the 6-pin connector and wire a second cord for the fan and utility lamp.