well, the good news is that a tank of nitrogen should last you a lifetime....fwiw, we use "hospital grade" nitrogen with our Wing Lynch machine for doing E6. Nitrogen comes in different grades, and some of it can have small amount of oxygen mixed in as well.... I messed up once & ordered a lower grade of nitrogen and the chemistry really suffered--live & learn. I would think (don't know though) that you could get a smaller tank-size? I've seen photos of a portable WL machine once--that was the top part of model 4E fitted into a truck. If I remember correctly, the picture I saw had a small nitrogen tank lying alongside it. About the size of a scuba tank. Kreonite and some other manufacturers make nitrogen generators for the lab industry though, but I know they cost $$$$ compared to just getting the tanks...once you pay the deposit, the price of the gas really isn't that much. If you actually use it up, the next tank is alot cheaper...we use about 2-3 a year, but I think for what you're doing a tank would last forever almost. can't help you on the argon though, every lab I've ever been in has just used nitrogen.