Ken-It's not fair to lambaste all items. I owned two of these lenses and they were both dogs. Maybe the guy in the factory was hungover that particular day. Perhaps yours gives stellar performance. The only way to see is to try a comparison test. I happen to also have a schneider 80mm and 100mm/non-apo lenses; and thay both perform very well.Alot better than the 150's ever did. My concern was that since I decided to do most of my work on 4x5 that I have the best enlarging lens for the job. Someone elses quality standards may be different than mine. Only you can make the final decision. The Apo-Rodagons fetch top dollar-gee I wonder why? If I remember correctly my 150mm was about $1200. As a middle of the road I would check out the El-Nikkor line and a good quality used one should be a good deal. Just make sure you can return it.
Regards Peter