On what amounts to a curious whim, I bought a bulk roll of Vericolor 5072 off eBay yesterday -- aka SO-279. It's been frozen since 2004, and the seller claims it's still fine (touch wood). It intrigued me because it's C-41 process slide film. One comment from the seller states: "Process KODAK VERICOLOR Slide Film in KODAK FLEXICOLOR Chemicals for ProcessC-41." I don't know beans about C-41 chemistry, so I'm hoping that "FLexicolor" isn't some sort of exotic formulation requiring special procedures. I'm hoping I can just drop the rolls off at my regular processor, and have them develop the film only -- no prints.

I'm also curious as to what I might expect. It sounds as if this film was intended for various sorts of copying purposes, which suggests to me that it's probably a low-contrast emulsion, but I'd be curious as to what any of you who have used it think of it.