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The fan in the Chromega head unit off a D5XL that I have is 120 vac. I didn't check the wiring for the small bulbs.
Yes, and it looks like the small bulb is 120VAC also.

I just opened it up and even though there is a 6-pin connector on the end of the cord, it is a 4 wire cord:

Green = Ground
Black = Hot 120 VAC
Red = Hot 24VAC
White = Common

The wires go to a buss bar using spade connectors. Things are a little tight because the fan is right there.

To re-wire it would involve running two 3-wire cords and re-doing some of the spade connectors so it would be theoretically a reversible modification, or at least look like factory-original wiring. Though, I will need to make an additional hole in the chassis.