I love landscape photography, and it's my preferred subject. I've lusted over panoramic cameras for a long time, but always been completly googly-eyed at the prices. I've thought about a MF SLR, but the size and bulk puts me off. During my (what seems to be) never ending quest for a new camera that has everything I want, I reciently stumbled across the Fotoman 6x12 panoramic camera on the Badger Graphics site. If anyone here owns one, or has used one, would you be able to help me out with a couple of questions regarding it?

One of the things that's stopped me buying something like a Mamiya 7II is the near impossibility of using grad-ND's with it. With the Fotoman, I'd imagine it would be quite difficult, but I see they offer a ground glass back for it. How would this work with rollfilm already inside without exposing the film to light?

How well does it handle? Portability is a big thing for me, and judging by the looks of it it would be pretty fuss-free to pack away for a days walk through the bush.

With a 6x12, what would be considered a 'normal' focal length for it? I like slightly wider compositions (around 28mm in 35mm film) so getting the 'normal' focal length as an indicator, or getting the direct equalivant to 28mm would help me along the way.

Any light anyone can shed on any of these questions would be greatly appreciated. Also any other tid-bits of info about it would go down very well too.

All the best,