At first I would like to thank everyone for there entries in the competition which have made MSA to a great success.

A beautiful selection of pictures is the result of the subject “mirroring and reflections”.
Interesting are the different approaches and styles. What should I choose, the most beautiful picture or the picture that is the most appropriate for the subject?
I have decided for the picture that was the most appropriate for the subject.

The following are posted in the threat: “Crepe Myrtle and Pine Needles in a Birdbath”, from Rick, very beautiful for all the shapes and contrasts. From Goldenimmage, the water plant, taken with a petzval-lens, very special because of the selective depth. In the MSA:
Almost like a painting, with a very nice pastel colour, was the picture of Lori with “reflections on pond”.
The beautiful clouds and tree series of Usagi was definitely a highlight just as the fireworks picture. Outstanding work!

Thomas Moraitus made a very artistic picture in a water pond . Sandvann had a creative double reflection, a townscape “Havitsten” and his lovely pastel coloured tree picture at the lake.
Also a beautiful interior picture of J.Martin, and the fantastic photo’s “Reflective Self Portret” an “window mirroring” (superb!!!). A nice action-beach photo from Barbara Ann, followed by the beautiful “foggy morning” and “Lost Bridge”. And at the end of this great collection, there came noons with two very creative colour photo’s “Eye Of the Ghost” and Reflected Dreams”. Surprise!

Remaining is the picture of Mattking with his “Ladner Boat Sheds”. This picture has a crystal clear mirroring and reflection, is perfectly captured and is 100% right for the subject. That is why I have chosen him to be the winner.

Congratulations Matt! You get to start, in January 2010, with a new subject and judging it. Good luck and thanks again everyone for your entries.

Time for the new MSA nov/dec now, Ken Nadvornick's, success!