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Yes, there are processors that can make life easier when processing E6 films, but it's not strictly a necessity. It can be done with standard tanks, but the tricky part is temperature control. Depending on the chemical kit you'll use, it can be simplified to less than the 6 standard steps. Another APUG member (Tim Walls) has written a guide here. If you're going to use the Kodak kit, this publication has some information. Go to page 3 to see the steps involved and have a look at the temperatures. From some point on, there's no need to be very accurate and the process has quite a lot of tolerance regarding temperatures. People who have done it say that it's doable, although rather tedious. In any case, you'll nedd an accurate thermometer.
can you pls suggest me a website that offer E6 chemical with worldwide postage,as i'm from Malaysia.is the powder based chemical is as good as the liquid based chemical,as my tap water contains chlorine,afraid that the mixture of the powder will not same as the one that comes ready mix...i'm a total noob in developing a film,but would like to learn,if this is not hard to be learnt,i'm willing invest in a darkroom equipment and bid farewell to my digital world,and return back to the world of analogue.