You can set up a simple open tank E6 hand line. All you need are some 4x5 or 8x10 processing tanks, they can be plastic, hard rubber or stainless. Then you need a large container, like a sink basin that can contain all of the tanks. That large basin needs to hold you tempering water (a temperature controlled water bath). You can set up the water bath with a used heater recirculating unit or a separate pump and a separate thermostat controlled heater. You simply fill your basin with water, get it to the correct temperature, your chemicals in the individual tanks will all then be maintained at that temperature and you are then good to go. It is best to use tanks with floating lids, it helps acheives three things - it prevents oxidation of your chemistry, it helps maintain temperature, it helps prevent chemistry cross contamination from splashing. You can set up a system like this quite inexpensively these days. Everything you need is available used and at very low cost. This hand line system is for use in full darkness, unlike standard roll processing tanks. This system will allow you to do rolls or sheets depending on what hangers and or holders you elect to use for your film. One very important item to have is a color process control thermometer for checking your chemistry temps. The correct temperature is critical. You will have to drain your water bath often as the water will become contaminated from dripped and splashed chemistry. You will also need a accurate process timer like a Gralab 300 or similar. You can find just about anything you need to do this on Ebay. You should also obtain the E6 process technical sheets from Kodak on using the chemistry in a manual set up. You can make the system as fancy as you wish or keep things real simple. You can also use typical roll processing tanks instead of sheet film tanks and use a lifting rod for your reels that slips up through the center of the reels so you can agitate or lift the reels out of the tanks. You can use either a lift rod or basket with the larger sheet tanks. For sheet film you use the appropriate hangers and also a special hanger basket if you have many sheets to deal with. Good luck.