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There are a couple of ways to consider "normal" focal length. The typical method is to use the diagonal of the film, which for 6x10 would be about 135mm. An alternate approach for panoramic formats would be to use the width - 120mm for 6x12. As you lean toward wider views, that might reduce to 110mm or even 90mm.

If you don't like the idea of having to change lens cones with the Fotoman, you might conisder an inexpensive 4x5 Crown Graphic with a Graflok back that would allow you to use something like a Horseman 6x12 rollfilm back.
Thanks for the info on the focal length. It's given me something to work with in terms of what I think would be ideal for me. All this is pretty new to me after switching over from those nasty d____ cameras. I do like to be as low-key as possible, and I think a Crown Graphic could be a bit too big and bulky for some of the walks I go on, and just lugging around cities.

I hadn't thought about changing cones for it, but I don't think it will be a terribly big problem. I'll only go with one focal length to begin with and have a really good play around with the camera (should I pull the trigger) for a few months before I consider branching out to one, maybe two more focal lengths at the most.

How do you think I'll get along using grad ND's with a camera like this? I had thought that if composing with the groundglass inplace and using them in a cokin style holder that I could make some crude estimations, then load the film and work from that. Will I ever nail it properly, or will it always be a bit hit and miss?