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The color of the easel surface definitely makes a difference! You can test this yourself. Figure out what exposure you need to create a medium gray on your paper. Prior to making this exposure, mark the back of the print with a thick black felt-tip pen. Write a number on it or sign it. Then make the exposure and process normally. You should not be able to see your mark on the emulsion side after drying.

I did this test with double-weight Kodak, Ilford and Agfa paper and could clearly see the mark with white easels. They are now painted flat black and the problem is gone. I never had yellow easels, so I don't know how they are affected.
So, your actually saying that my prints probably are a bit foggy today because of my white easels, and I can get better details and brilliance in the highlights if I paint my easels black?

If so I better paint them right away :-)