Earlier this year, I wrote to the big media moguls asking for more exposure to art in the mainstream. Specifically - to have prime time news, sport and also a few minutes on the latest in The Arts and Science. I received an instant, very short email response telling me sport was the tradition and there is no room for other stuff that people aren't interested in. Such short sighted views are inconceivable.

The problem is (as my mother so eloquently said), if you stick a bunch of people on a remote island (such as Australia) and only feed them "chicken and beef", they'll either love chicken or beef - because they don't know anything else! This is what's happening to Australians through the Australian media. We need to be exposed to more variety (especially The Arts & Science), not just sport and sensationalised news. Yes, there is Art on TV and in society, but you have to know what you're looking for and go searching for it.

Art and Science should be mainstream, to encourage more creative thinking, compassion and progress in society. Surely we can be more educated and intellectual than what the media determines us viewers want or need.

Art is a creative language for the soul at any age - a language we can all easily learn to appreciate, understand and speak fluently. All this requires is exposure to art in our everyday environment, as a viewer or/and as a creator.

I'll keep sending my letters, run photography workshops (including at primary schools), keep introducing arts festivals in schools and parks and now I'm busy curating a collaboration of collectable fine art photography at a big annual arts event in Perth, WA.

So, the solution is easy: We can ALL do something about this. We can all write to the media, the government, our primary/high/tertiary schools, etc... telling them we want more exposure to The Arts and Science (if that's your cup of tea) - not just one reality tv show after the other, or repeats of the same (repeats) shows each year. Not just the news, sports and weather report day in and day out. The big guns need to "see and hear" that we no longer want just "Chicken or Beef"!


Extracted from my blog.