The Jobo ATL 1500 will do everything for you, but it's not cheap. The Jobo CPE-2 will hold a bath of water at the correct temperature and agitate your drum, all you have to do is fill and dump the chemistry. It's not terribly difficult to process your film in a steel tank in a sink by heating a tub of water to 39 degrees C and pouring in all chemistry tempered and keeping the tank in the water when you're not agitating. If you're concerned about your time, the 3 bath kit works much faster than the Kodak kit. Three bath kits are common from Tetenal and other suppliers. I suggest searching ebay for some chemistry. Overseas chemistry shipping is probably very expensive. Check with local photographic suppliers as well, that is your cheapest bet. I have found the Kodak kit to be cheapest, though you may find a different one.