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I have a partially exposed roll of Velvia in my Nikon F5 and would like to move it to my new to me EOS-1V. I don't think that the F5 has the ability to leave the film leader out upon rewind.

I believe that I can then load the film into the 1V and just advance to the last frame at 1/8000 @ f/22 with the lens cap on in a dark area correct?

If you are lucky, born under the proper star, and they are all aligned properly, you can extract the leader just by using another roll of film leader. Or you can buy and extractor, or make one with celluloid and double sided tape. If you would like me to walk your through the wet film bit, email me at JayKHill@aol.com
And, yes, you can advance to the end of the roll as you decribed the technique.