Hi Dave
Had a nice vindaloo meal with my wife on her birthday last week, boy was it hot.
Nigel Dickson is a wonderful photographer and his stories about the photo shoots are fantastic. Apparently he had to walk Mr Karsh up and down the stairs to tire him out so he would stop trying to pose himself for the camera.
You also can clearly see Nigel in Oscar Peterson's eyes . This was a fun printing session , working with the Artist and the ROM was great. I am printing the 2010 Contact Festival show for the ROM and am really stoked about it.
One of the prints from Nigels show will be hanging for a couple of months here at the Dylan Ellis Gallery that is located within Elevator, also a monster size print by Sandy King will be on display in the same show.
Art , if you are still in town drop by to our OPEN HOUSE this sat.
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Boy oh boy! Me oh My! I am more than a bit wistful... a bit bored at the moment, stuck in the entertainment center of the U.S. Only bit I would add to the mentioned agenda would be a nice round of Vindaloo with Bob Carnie!

I've just got to get out more.

Thanks for sharing
Dave in Vegas