AgX, I like your link a lot. Maybe I learned the technique from someone common to that thread. At my age you can never remember where you learned some things.

The other day I had to find a way to pull the stub of a broken off key out of a lock. The stub end was only the front 1/3 of the key, and it was really stuck down into the bottom of the tumbler. I tried every tool I had and none of them came close to working. I tried the tape method and a bunch of others that failed as well. Finally, I was searching the web and someone recommended straightening out a fish hook and using that. I went to the store and got one with a barb just a bit wider than one of the groves in the key and BANG - it worked first time.

The last time I needed to extract the leader from a roll of film I thought about my fish hook experience and wished I had one, thinking that I could hook a sprocket hole in no time with the barb of the hook. Lately, I bought one of the commercial film extractors. It has has proven to be an excellent device, as once you have one on hand you never seem to have a need for it. Problem solved!

Denis K