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The problem is not limited to Australia, I am afraid. It is the whole western society, to guess the least. And I believe it is not a matter of pure choice. It is systematic calculation, systematic deletion of things which allow people to think autonomously. Remember stories where regnants would forbid writing because they did not want the truth to spread? We are not that far from that, me thinks.
The media pushes chicken and beef because it is something that can be sold by Somebody else. They would quite never put on something you can't buy. Plus, art is something that makes people self-conscient.. Would that regnant allow such a thing?
You might want to check out (some) Canadian media. CBC radio, and to a lesser extent, CBC television, present a wide range of culturally significant broadcasting. As public broadcasters, their budgets have been slashed brutally by successive governments for over 30 years, to the point on any given broadcasting day, much of the programming is given to repeats of earlier features.

Nonetheless, arts and sciences are given a prominent and respected role in programming. One of my favourites, Ideas, has been on the air since 1965, and presents a veritable cornucopia of essays, documentaries and lectures on all manner of comtemporary thought.

Rather than complaining about what is not there, a kind comment congratulating any coverage at all on arts-poor media might encourage broadcasters to increase the time they commit to arts programming. (for example... "I really liked your feature on the art of fence building, let's have more of this kind of programming." )