Hi clogz,

The US distributor of fotoimpex is J and C, but their inventory isn't very similar in this area. I've already ordered the Durst flat board, so I think I'll wait and see how that turns out. And I will give the Anaret a shot as well.


I have read that the Anarets are good, and some people say they are actually made by Schneider, but I assumed they were referring to the modern lines. I'm guessing (based on the 23.5mm thread) that the Anaret I have is probably fairly old. But I will give it a chance. I hope to do a head-to-head comparison with my apo-Rodagon-N if it will focus with the flat board. Once I had the chance to do a direct comparison between the apo-Rodagon, a Componon-S, and an Omegaron, and stopped down a few stops, I was surprised at how well the Omegaron stood up to the others.

Thanks for all your help.