Thanks Denis, Your input is very helpful. It is nice to get a second opinion when doing this sort of stuff. Especially since I am no expert and this stuff could be dangerous. As for the metal, being near the tubes I have read differing opinions on that. The latest being this thread which seems credible.
The part about metal is toward the bottom of the first page. It seems the metal is not for operation of the tube per say. Grounding would be of importance when dealing with this amount of power. however from what I understand it is not absolutely necessary for function of the tubes. That being said, I have a piece of aluminum I was going to place between the tubes and the wood box, for grounding purposes and for added reflection. Is there anyone who has bought a commercially made uv wood box from bostick&sullivan or equivalent, that can tell how it is grounded and if it has a metal plate close to the bulbs.
Thanks again Denis.