Here one with a twist....

I was asked to do a model/portrait shoot for a friend at a local park. She wanted the shot to show the hills in the background, during sunset. She also wanted some "standard" shots for her portfolio.

So, I plan for a great Saturday, weather looking nice and it's a date. When the day approaches, I grab my gear, a few tripods, a whole set of stands and my studio lights, and a long extension cord set (the park has power outlets&#33. I grab 3 assistants, a ton of film, and head out to the park. Getting there about 3:00p or so, I set up and she shows up. We start shooting. (It's a public park...)

About 5:15 rolls around, and some clown (straight-outta-the-local-college-photo-class) shows up with a small camera bag, about 30 people, and a few tables and folding chairs. He heads down to the little valley "outdoor theatre" area and stops short of the steps. He moans, bitches, and slams his gear bag down.

He comes up to me and lets go with "I hope you can move, I have to shoot a WEDDING here shortly. The bride wants the sun to be setting behind her when they are exchaning their vows."

Oh, I reply. I was planning on doing a shoot too. Maybe you can take one side of the meadow and I can take the other?

"NO. That is unacceptable. Do you have any idea how much more important a wedding is???" (Obviously, he didn't know I was a wedding photographer too)

"How much room do you need?" I ask.

"The whole valley. She doesn't want anybody behind, or around them while she is getting married. AND, I don't want to shoot with your junk around."


"Those lamps and things."

"You mean my Elinchrom strobes??"

"whatever. NOW, if you could hurry up and move them, I'd like to start soon."

So, I hang around, smoke a cigarette, charge my power packs up, and grab my camera for MY shoot...

About 5 minute later, he came back up. "How much longer is this going to take?"

"Uh, about another 3 hours." I replied. "This is a public park, and it doesn't close until 10pm"

He was fuming. He waves the N90s in my face. "This is a PRO job, you know, I have more right than you."

That was when I went ballistic. I grabbed my Hassy, waved it in his face, and replied with a short "Mines BIGGER" (350mm lens). Then, I went back to shooting.

Well, the wedding started, I got a great set of sunset pictures for my model, she has about 10 of them at 16x20. And, their whole wedding had about 8000ws going off all around them, all night. When it was all said and done, they never got the sunset shot.

BUT, I gave the bride (one of my friends knew her) a great 16x20 of her and her husband against the sunset from my angle after the other idiot took the film to Walmart and the local microlab moron completely misprocessed the negs to be film-base only...when she showed me the negs, it looked like the film was never exposed...hmmmm. Karma?