Iíve been using canned air to clean dust from negatives, but recently it spat on one of them (I swear I didnít shake it). Whatever it spat evaporated quickly and left a nice mark. I like the convenience and force of canned air, but I donít like this side effect. Plus, canned air needs replenished; Iíd like something reusable and inexpensive.

Iíve been looking at something called a Giottos Rocket, and Iíve read of people using it to more safely blow dust off of negatives. I canít imagine it blows with the same force as canned air though (does it?), but Iím wondering if itís enough to do the job just as effectively.

Also, Iíve been looking at an anti-static cloth from Ilford. It looks good for a quick, gentle wipe of the negative Ė perhaps for more stubborn dust.

Iím wondering how effective one or both of these solutions would be in lieu of canned air. Or maybe someone has something else in mind. Thanks.