Gundlach only marked the rear lens cell as to focal length (11" for your lens). The front cell wasn't marked, except on the aperture scale on the shutter (as your scale is marked 14"). The two longer FL cells used together make the shorter FL (7 1/2" for your lens). It makes more sense to have marked both cells, but that isn't how Gundlach chose to do it. I suppose when the lenses were new, they included an instruction sheet that explained the FLs. They probably didn't think we would be using the lenses 80 years later without instructions.

I think you have a full set of gears for the three focal lengths of your Gundlach triple-convertible lens, plus gears to use 120mm, 135mm, and 165mm lenses. I assume these three lenses were not included with the Outfit you bought. Do all gears have a hole in the center to mount on a shaft coming from the bottom of the Cirkut Attachment? Gears for the later non-fan cameras had a short shaft with a threaded end built into each gear.

I have read a warning about not running the motor of a fan Attachment without a fan in place. The fan slows the motor down and it is supposed to be bad for the motor or spring or something to run it too fast. You can probably make different size fans yourself to achieve a wider range of speeds.

I may have a formula that will help you with gear calculations, but I need to find it. Give me a couple of days to look.

Did your Outfit include the tripod top/turntable with gear teeth around the outside? Also, did you get a groundglass focusing back for the camera body?