I've got a few setups. 2 small bags, one with a Nikon 8008s with a 35-135 zoom and a yellow filter and one with a Nikon 6006 with a 24mm. I usually have Tri-X and Provia in both bags.

Then lately I have been shooting with Calumet CC-400 with a 210mm Symmar convertible and a 135mm Zeiss Tessar, Gossen Luna Pro SBC, film, holders, loupe, dark cloth, changing bag, etc. The coolest thing about the camera is the case, which is the deluxe aluminum case. I have everything in the case and ready to go. I often leave the setup in the trunk. I have a Sinar Aplina which is a great camera, but the Calumet was cheap and makes a great car camera. What I really need is an old beat up tripod, since I don't like leaving my carbon fiber Gitzo in the car.