Thanks. Yes, a very difficult exposure driven by reciprocity. Only one frame of the twelve was even close to usable. Fourteen seconds was simply one of several brackets.

The model, my teenage son, was a trooper through it all. He held perfectly still through the entire roll on a night when temperatures were just above freezing.

It is a very difficult negative to print. The halo of light from the lens condensation (an attempt to create the appearance of fog that worked too well) overwhelms in the unmanipulated negative and must be severely burned down without showing the obvious artifacts. Then the right edge must be further burned to absolute black because that's what the subject is staring into...

I should also note that this is an archive image. It was not made specifically for this assignment, but chosen as an example seemed to me to demonstrate at least one valid conceptual interpretation of the theme.

I hope I didn't scare everyone away by using it.