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Rather than complaining about what is not there, a kind comment congratulating any coverage at all on arts-poor media might encourage broadcasters to increase the time they commit to arts programming. (for example... "I really liked your feature on the art of fence building, let's have more of this kind of programming." )
Funny, but I think this type of approach is a fantastic idea. For instance, say that you're watching a really good show on how photography was invented, or perhaps how the pyramids were built, it could be a good idea to BOTH send compliments to the programmer/broadcaster as well as a larger form of media that does not broadcast it. Just to show both those that are broadcasting it that you appreciate it as well as encourage those that don't program arts and science to at least see that somebody else is doing it and that people like it.

I fully agree with Nicole that 'chicken or beef' just doesn't raise independently and critically thinking generations.
I'm not sure how much I can do about it on my end, but I have offered to teach workshops at my son's school without success, even though I offered to pay for all the materials. That was a hard blow for me.
So I have gone smaller scale, and I currently have two photography students who are now more awake to their surroundings, seeing the world in a different way, through the lens and camera and ultimately the pictures. I successfully yanked them away from the TV screen and its perceived appeal.
Two is more than zero, I guess. I wish I had time for more.

Good on ya, Nicole! Keep doing your thing. I'm proud of you.

- Thomas