Just getting the dryside of my new darkroom completed and I've noticed something that's annoying me. I've got a Durst L1200 connected to a Durst E500 voltage stabilizer, which is plugged into a Gralab electronic timer, which is plugged into an outlet.

1) Is that the correct way to have the L1200 connected to a 3rd party timer? I always thought so.

2) When using the timer to trigger an exposure, is it normal for it to take about one second for the enlarger to turn on, rev up its fan and then finally illuminate? I have two other enlargers (a Durst M70 and a Saunders L4500) and they don't have any delay. I don't recall the L1200 being different, but it's been a while since I've used it.

3) If this is normal, then do you compensate for it by adding a second to your anticipated exposure time and any time you pause an exposure (e.g. for burning and dodging)?

4) Am I wrong to expect that, when in use, the enlarger would stay on (i.e. fan on) and only the light would be triggered on and off by hitting the exposure button on the timer?

Thanks in advance for your help,