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Where's the "We Can Do It" camp?
I guess my reply is a bit bleak, but OTO I've worked in television my entire career. I make a point not to watch it as a result. The fact is that television, at least here in the US, is a vast wasteland, a veritable intellectual vacuum, and that is a reflection of the people who use it. It has more in common with crack than the arts and sciences. While TV should and could be used as a nearly divine gift for education and enlightenment, at its best it falls far short, because it is first and foremost an opiate for the masses. Changing it is like saying you are going to change the bread and circuses at the colosseum. In my mind the effort would be more powerful at a grass roots level, in schools and community. In order to change what TV delivers you have to change what people want, and as long as those people are the minority TV will continue to deliver the drivel that holds the masses attention long enough to show an advert. Television programming is the filler between the adverts. Most people never get this. TV is about TV commercials and nothing else.