I have the Durst L1200, which connects to the EST500, which connects to the timer (RH Designs), which connects to the wall outlet. I also have a delay, but it's more like a half-second delay.

This is common in certain enlargers. The manual for my RH Designs "Stop Clock" timer specifically states "....Some stabilized enlargers, for example certain Durst and Kaiser models, exhibit a delay of approximately 0.5 seconds after power is switched on before the lamp lights........ The Stop Clock can compensate for this delay......."

Only on very short exposures, such as test strips, would you notice any difference. If you do test strips in, say, 3-second increments, then do as Fred Picker once suggested, make you final exposure in multiples of 3-second increments.

Or get the RH Designs "Stop Clock", which you can set to compensate for this delay.