My family and I go up to Grand Teton and Yellowstone national parks every summer, and this is where I do quite a bit of my serious photography. I normally have my camera loaded with Velvia 50 for landscapes, but have had good opportunities to photograph large mammals also. Last summer I photographed a young female grizzley from the side of the road with Velvia 50, and with my lens wide open (f/3.5), I was able to get 1/125 in mid-morning light.

I've noticed that John Shaw used "Fuji Provia" and "Kodak E100SW" quite a bit for his wildlife shots. When I search for Provia, it turns out that there are several variants of this film available. What are the differences?

Is E100SW still available? It appears that it is not from a short Google search.

How about pushing Velvia 50 1-stop to iso 100? Is it still possible to get film push-processed?

Oh yeah, there is also a iso 100 version of Velvia now isn't there?