Which of these would make me a better photographer in the end. The panorama format excites me. The composition and the rule of 3rd being thrown out. I have been trying to frame things to 6x17 in my head. I do feel the Fuji could be used for street or anything. I certainly don't want to use it for a landscape camera exclusively. The lenses are slow, however for a reasonably fast film, is the grain acceptable? How do people fair with scale focusing? I know it would make me a better photographer. Rangefinder, no lens coupling, huge film area, slow lenses. Just the expense of film is putting me off, however if the results are worth it, I would be inspired to buy more. This is not large format. I would hate to buy the mamiya, and wish for more space. I want to hear others views, regarding the film expense and the slow lenses. Can one get away with ISO400+ B&W film in winter, push processed?