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..... I don't know if the link to download the actual program actually works, as I didn't try the download.
It works. "Runs in DOS" (opens in a black window), that is you have to unzip to a folder and start "gears.exe". I prefer to rename "gearsInput.txt" so I can manually enter the data required. It's unclear if it is "universal" (as I suppose) or refers to a specific camera size; maybe the authors Bob Lang or Clayton Tume or someone else could help. A few lines of "help" could be useful. From the "readme.txt" :"A computer program to list CIRKUT CAMERA gear and subject distance combinations for any focal length lens with correction for pivot point location."
I perfectly agree with you that a "simplified approach" to Cirkut shooting is more challenging and rewarding, but the availability of that program is anyway a real improvement in knowledge and usability of that camera. I suggest that any passionate about Cirkut should store that program in his PC.

There is a lesson in the disappearance of that mailinglist. Whenever I see something online I consider really valuable information (such as anything related to Cirkuts), I always print out a paper copy and file it. i don't think there is any guarantee any internet forum or mailinglist will be online forever.
True, unfortunately, also for webpages. In a digital world everything can be "volatile" and fade in an "error 404" (whereas BW negatives 100 yrs old are still here...), due to a decision by a website host or by the author . I "print" them also as PDF files, making also backup copies in a different HD.