Rollei Digibase CR200 is said to be Agfa RSXII. How does it compare to Kodak E200?

I am looking for natural colors. Some increased saturation is fine but I want to be able to see slight changes in the shades of color not just a mass of super saturated color. I am a long term Kodachrome user. I am not so much looking for a replacement but a new favorite film.

I just used some E6 to photograph my son on his bike. The skin tones were fine but his yellow helmet came out as solid yellow and the bike frame as a solid red. In reality there are many shades of yellow in the helmet and and shades of red in the bike.

I have read that the faster chromes have less saturation so I am willing to try them out to get this effect. Are there any slow slide films without increased saturation still around? I shoot a mix of people and scenic shots.