did you get the program to run? I haven't used it for many years. The program originated from Bob Lang, his main use for the program was copying Cirkut prints. So he was shooting 1:1 and creating a full size copy neg.

I had a programmer friend rework the program so it was user friendly and posted it on my site for anyone to use. It will work with any Cirkut camera but you must accurately measure the camera for it to work properly. I used it setting up a #8 camera for some modern lenses. Once that was done I never used it again.

I took the website down because it needed updating and I was getting tired of all the spam that came through the email address for it. Also I was getting sick of answering all the silly questions that were coming through, I have better things to do with my time.

Hope you get the camera up and running properly, they're really challenging to get working well. They're lots of fun too.