I have heard the rumour, too, but always limited to the Meogon-S 2,8/50 and never found a hint to judge the truth behind it.

Meopta continues to manufacture their lenses with the M23,5, but delivers them with an adapter to M39 - you can identify these by a tiny maggot screw on the base flange.

I have a single Anaret in use, the 4,5/80 tessar type - an excellent item. And I own a second, a 3,5/30 I intended to use with Minox and 16mm film, but never got around to use it.

Where is that place you find good tools in the street curbs? Sounds like front yard of heaven. ;-)

Hans, AFAIK Fotoimpex has run out of stock and will not manufacture anymore - they were made on their order from a craftsmen.